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Newly Accepted Abstract

Publication date Gorup Open range Title
日本スポーツ教育学会Open to the publicPromoting Transfer of Learning through the TGfU approach and its derivatives
日本スポーツ教育学会Open to the publicCurrent and Issue State of Australia’s Curriculum Reform
日本スポーツ教育学会Open to the public体育授業時の準備運動にエアロビック導入への試み
日本スポーツ教育学会Open to the publicStudent Teachers’ Implementation of Model-Based Instruction in Taiwan
日本スポーツ教育学会Open to the publicExploring the pedagogical content knowledge of pre-service teacher in physical education
日本スポーツ教育学会Open to the publicThe Problems of PE Class in Korea Exposed by the Students’ Learning Career
日本スポーツ教育学会Open to the public中学校2年生のマット運動の授業を対象とした協同学習モデルの効果の検討
日本スポーツ教育学会Open to the publicA Case Study of Curriculum Development and Practice in PETE in Korea
日本スポーツ教育学会Open to the publicA Case Study on Teaching Reflection and Effective Teaching in Physical Education for Elementary School Teacher
日本スポーツ教育学会Open to the public地域・学級規模による体育に対する児童の意識の違い
日本スポーツ教育学会Open to the publicThe Status Quo and Future Directions of Korean National Curriculum for Physical Education (KNCPE)
日本スポーツ教育学会Open to the publicPrimary school classroom teachers’ physical education teaching experiences
日本スポーツ教育学会Open to the public立位と歩行時における足長と足幅の変化について
日本スポーツ教育学会Open to the publicオリンピックを題材とした「国際的なスポーツ大会などが果たす文化的な意義や役割」の授業
日本スポーツ教育学会Open to the publicElementary school children’s improvement in movement skillfulness
日本スポーツ教育学会Open to the publicThe Impact of Physical Education for Old Ages on Presbyophrenia Symptom: Meta Analysis
日本スポーツ教育学会Open to the publicA Secondary School Teacher’s Brief Review of Assessment Tool for Korean Traditional Dance
日本スポーツ教育学会Open to the public体育授業における協同学習の学習従事に与える影響
日本スポーツ教育学会Open to the publicA Challenge to Improve Educational Efficacy of Expressive Activity Lessons in Japan in order to Reduce Students’ Shyness
日本スポーツ教育学会Open to the publicResearch of PE Student Teachers Classroom Management
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