Keynote Lectures & Symposium

Keynote Lectures

9月19日September 19  10:45-11:45  

  • Bewegte Schule in Deutschland: Stationen – Status – Standing
    エッカート・バルツ (ドイツ・ヴッパータル大学)
    Dr. Eckart Balz、portpädagogik, Bergische Universität Wuppertal
    Abstract >> Dr. Eckart Balz 

9月20日September 20  13:30-14:30

  • Humanistic Pedagogy -Athlete Centred Learning?
    Lynn Kidman :  Auckland University of Technology
    Abstract >> Dr. Lynn Kidman

Symposium: Enhancing Quality of Physical Education in Schools

9月20日September 19  14:30-16:30

  • Children’s Health and Physical Activity at School: Physical Activities Solutions for Japanese Children’s “Physical Disorders”
    Shingo Noi (Nippon Sport Science University)
    Abstract >> Dr. Noi 
  • Promoting Quality Physical Education in Korea: Connecting the Best of Physical Education Curriculum and School Sport
    Okseon Lee (Seoul National University)
    Abstract >> Dr. Okseon Lee 
  • Taiwanese Children Peer Interaction and Learning Motivation Related to Motor Skill Performance: The Mediating Role of Critical Thinking
    チーエンチ・チョChienChih Chou(台湾・台北市立大学)University of Taipei
    Abstract >> Dr. ChienChih Chou 
  • Approaches to Improve Physical Education in Canadian Schools: Teacher Education, Diversity & Curriculum Supports
    Rebecca Lloyd (University of Ottawa)
    Abstract >> Dr. Rebecca Lloyd
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